Food Allergies and Intolerances

Food Allergies and Intolerances

Blood tests for both Ige and IgG antibodies
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Since I started seeing Alice my life has changed dramatically. I used to be extremely exhausted all of the time, and suffering from various health related issues which really got me down and I felt like I needed to rely on other stimulants just to get me through each working day, I drastically needed a change as I hardly slept at night but I felt exhausted every waking moment. Within a couple of months of changing my nutrition and giving my body what it desperately needed I felt a dramatic change physically and emotionally. My energy levels increased, my mood changed and I felt far more in control of my life and my wellbeing. I still have a fair way to go in my treatment but I look forward to all that it will bring! Thank you Alice for all that you have helped me to achieve!

Charlene, Projects Team Assistant

I have attended Dr Alice Sykes's Clinic for the past 6 months. During my initial visit, I was in considerable pain, exhausted and very depressed. I left Dr Sykes's Surgery feeling optimistic, and, together with the Diagnostic tests that followed and Dr Sykes accurate diagnosis of my problems, I am now feeling 90% well again and more confident about the future. I am still receiving treatment, and I can, unreservedly, recommend Dr Alice Sykes to anyone wishing to pursue optimum health.

Cora, Educational Guardians

After seeing six Doctor's who could do nothing more for me, I was referred to Alice for treatment who sought to identify the cause and treat that rather than just the symptoms. I have been greatly impressed by her holistic approach to my treatment and have found her willingness to provide ongoing support outside of the consultations extremely helpful. Alice is extremely knowledgeable and shares her expertise in a way that is easy to understand. The treatment and care that Alice has given me, combined with her friendly and approachable style, has exceeded all of my expectations!


Having tried various treatments for a number of isolated health problems over the years, without ever establishing their cause; my GP recommended that I visited Alice for a consultation. Now, working in conjunction with my doctor, Alice has taken a holistic approach and has discovered a probable cause for my symptoms. Consequently, I have been put on a specific dietary programme along with food supplements. Given that my condition had worsened over the years, a full recovery will take some time. However, thanks to Alice, I finally feel that I am on the right track. My energy levels and general health are improving.


Since my first appointment with Alice I have become more confident. I have also got to know my body and enjoy life and food in completely different way!


As someone who has had the experience of many, many nutritionists I know a good one when I meet them! Alice has a fresh and positive way of working and she never leaves any stone unturned. She really knows her stuff and has practical advice for any problem I have ever presented her with. Alice is always up to date with all the latest nutritional research and as a result provides her clients with the very best level of care. She is understanding and helpful and manages to work with a patient so that they feel part of their own treatment plan, this is always a recipe for success. On top of all this, Alice is friendly, fun and lovely to be around. I have and would recommend her to anyone.

Charlotte, Makeup Artist

I have seen Alice for about two years having lived with Chronic Fatigue and Irritable Bowel for more than thirty years She has been inspiring and energetic and helped me to look at eating and looking after my health in a fresh and exciting way. I have always had a reasonably good diet but she helped me to fine tweak things - and was very understanding when I said I just couldn't manage certain things! She was always available by email and very encouraging.
No - I am not cured yet - but I feel more optimistic and better able to go forward.

Debbie, Counsellor

Since my visit to Alice 18 months ago, my overall health and wellbeing has improved dramatically. Alice listened to all my gripes without judgment and through a series of tests she worked out a way of eating to suit me and my life. She has been a lifesaver and I would highly recommend her.


I was very disillusioned with nutritionists when I was referred to see Dr Alice Sykes and almost didn't make an appointment. I am so relieved that I did and wish I'd seen her years ago! She is very thorough, enthusiastic and practical about what can be achieved. Her extensive knowledge is backed by her medical qualifications and experience giving her a robust approach which has significantly improved how I feel. She has helped me enormously and I didn't realise that it was possible to feel so much better. I am very grateful for her advice and do not hesitate to recommend her.


After suffering with PCOS for over two years, a nasty hormonal problem, and being prescribed an anti-diabetic drug and the pill by the GP which made matters so much worse, I decided to turn to alternative holistic therapy. I saw Alice in September and instantly felt better from following her meal plan, and it was not difficult to make the necessary dietary changes. My mood has stabilised, my symptoms are reducing and finally my weight is gradually reducing too, which is a miracle because weight loss is almost impossible with PCOS. I have much more energy and motivation, I wake up quickly rather than taking all morning. Alice is an excellent practitioner and exceptionally knowledgeable in her field, all GP's should follow suit in the same drug-free holistic approach, everyone would be far healthier. I cant thank Alice enough for her expertise!

Nerissa Rankin