Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Diagnosis of medical weight issues and lifelong individual plans


  • Nutrition Health

    Nutrition Health

    There is so much 'mis'-information in the media today that it is hard to know what or who to believe. One day we are told to follow a high protein diet the next day we are told that high protein diets are dangerous for our health.
    The truth is that each one of us is unique with our own dietary needs which are specific to our individual health and medical background. (More)

  • Health Advice

    Health Advice

    Chronic diseases and many ailments or conditions including; IBS, Depression, Fatigue, Autoimmune Diseases, Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Stress, Asthma, Eczema, Arthritis, Infertility and Hormonal imbalances may be improved by making changes to your nutrient intake and lifestyle whilst some will still need the combination of pharmacology and or supplementation. We will spend the time going through your full medical history and working in into the Functional Medicine Matrix for the most comprehensive health plan you've ever had. (More)

  • Fitness Advice

    Fitness Advice

    As a fully qualified exercise physiologist with a MSc in high performance physiology our health expert can tailor make fitness programmes specifically for your body composition, health concerns and lifestyle restrictions. There is a science behind exercising so that you receive the full health potential of your fitness regime and this will be an important part your programme. (More)

  • Integrated Services

    Integrated Services

    Health Solutions in incorportated into medical and health polyclinics. There is access to all types of conventional medical consultants from Endocrinologists to Speech Therapists to Gasteroenterologists to GP'sand also the more holistic from a osteopaths to Hypnotherapists to acupupunturists to holistic dentist to name a few. We work together on patients who need a more multi faceted approach to their health. (More)